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System Features

The Real Life system offers employees the ability to build a completely customized fitness and nutritional system tailored to their goals, experience level, schedule, and preferences and is backed by sound science with no fad dieting, junk pills, or required supplements. The nutritional system will be built based on the foods they enjoy and doesn’t require specific restrictions of any foods.

Here are just a few of the many features offered with this new software:
  • Exclusive online body composition analysis
  • Scientific based with proven results
  • No pills, junk, or gimmicks
  • Save money on groceries and go green by not wasting food
  • Lifestyle system that will teach you sound eating habits you can use forever
  • Follow the system from the comfort of your home
  • Have meals suggested and portioned for you based on your weight loss goals and food preferences or favorite recipes
  • Option to log your own foods and build your own nutritional system, even use a previous week as a template and build from that
  • Get additional weight loss with optional exercise plans
  • Show us how you want to look and we’ll help get you there
  • Lose up to 3” off your waist in 3 weeks
  • Get rid of extra water your body carries (that looks just like fat)
  • Exercise completely optional
  • Customized programs built by experienced trainers
  • All exercise programs are matched to your experience, goals, and schedule
  • Get a new exercise program every 4 weeks to keep it fresh and keep you working towards your goals
  • Customize the system to only suggest exercises for the equipment you have or even just basic exercises you can do at home

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