Fitness Center
From $99/Month

System Features

Nutrition and Weight Loss Profit Center

Promote Real Life's guaranteed, scientifically-based nutrition and weight loss program as your own, either as a stand-along product or package it in with personal training. With a suggested retail price of 500% above wholesale, there's room to set your own price points and packages to fit your business model.

  Profit Center
  • Customized for each client based on body composition, goals, nutritional preferences, and exercise volume
  • New Profit Center selling nutritional programs and nutritional consultations

Upsell & Support Personal Training

It's true that Real Life manages your PT department for you, Including workout tracking, follow up messages and email marketing (to name just a few). Using Real Life as a selling feature for working with a trainer to develop their own fitness program is a great value-added service, empowering members to use the program to stay better connected to their trainer and your club between sessions.

  Fitness Assessments
  • Full fitness assessments and health screenings including body composition, strength, cardio, functional, postural, flexibility, and before and after pictures, all with the ability to set goals and monitor and graph progress
  • Creates fantastic opportunity to increase PT sales, nutritional consults, and introduce the system to your Members

  Personal Training
  • Build and edit complete client programs including weight loss, cardio and resistance training and may be edited or changed at any time
  • Allow for more efficient use of your trainers time by building programs that can be accessed online and through mobile devices

Group Fitness and Personal Training Scheduling and Tracking

Use the Real Life system to set up your complete PT and Group Fitness schedules, class lists and availability. Clients now have access to view and book themselves into classes, or for an appointment with their trainer from the comfort of home.

  • Build your weekly Training and Group Fitness schedule on the system and have clients be able to book sessions with you based on availability and session type
  • Schedule online and through mobile devices making it easy for your Members to be involved in and take advantage of the classes and services you offer

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