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About Real Life Health Management

Real Life Health Management Inc. was founded in 2009 after recognizing the need for a comprehensive set of online personal training tools and systems. The Real Life system is designed to build your business, increase the value of your personal training, add new revenue streams, and increase client retention.

Bring your training to the leading edge of the fitness and weight loss industry. Take your services online to exponentially expand your market area and compete head-to-head with weight loss centers in your area.

Top 10 Benefits of The Real Life System

  • Additional Revenue – add to the number of services you can provide and bill your clients for, including nutritional programs and online training
  • Ease of Use – Intuitive, user friendly software allows you to create and manage your clients quickly and easily, saving you time and money
  • Convenience for You – access the entire system from any online computer, allowing you to work from anywhere!
  • Convenience for your Clients – now your clients can quickly and easily track their workouts and nutrition from home, or even if they’re on the road
  • Years of Experience – The Real Life System is designed by trainers, for trainers, with the result being some of the most advanced, intuitive, training tools available today
  • Huge Exercise Database – Basic, easy to understand drawings of all exercises allow you to print professional looking workout cards. We don’t use videos or 3-D modelling because we want your clients to have access to help with their exercises while they’re working out!
  • Low Cost – For the price of 1 training session per month you can have unlimited access to all the fitness and tracking tools you’ll need to run your business and boost your income
  • Professional Features – print professional looking workout cards, client summaries and weekly planners, saving you and your clients time and energy
  • Track Your Sessions and Income – Use The Real Life System’s advanced package builder and scheduling tools to keep track of sessions used and income earned
  • Ultimate Customer Service – Build automated follow up and reminder emails that The Real Life System will customize and send to your clients allowing you to maximize client satisfaction and retention and provide the ultimate in customer service

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