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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the legal responsibilities with regards to offering nutritional advice through Real Life Health Management?

The foods ‘suggested’ are just that - suggestions - and they are based on the clients own food preferences. There are no ‘recommendations, just guidelines for them the make informed decisions. As well, the user agreement clearly states that this is for ‘entertainment purposes only’ and the client is ‘free to choose whether they follow it or not’.

Is it possible to create specific meal plans based on macronutrient values such as low carb, high protein, general weight loss, vegetarian etc?

Currently the percentages for macronutrients can be adjusted by either an administrator, by a trainer, or by the client (client’s always have the final say). The entire system is defaulted to general weight loss as the client or trainer can choose an appropriate daily caloric deficit. We have the best ‘food exclusion’ system out there as well with clients having the ability to not only eliminate specific food groups from being suggested, but they can even simply type in food names that they don’t like and any recipes with that food in it are eliminated from the food suggestions.

I would like to run a ‘biggest loser’ type competition. Does the program allow tracking for competition purposes?

YES! Real Life has a tracking system that not only allows for any type of weight loss competition you might want (with full tracking and display capabilities) .

Am I able to build a supplement program into my client’s daily nutrition plan to enable me to upsell a line of supplements?

You will have the ability to choose to have meals/snacks that are given at specific times (including supplements or shakes you may suggest). You can make it so that every time a client has a weight training workout schedules their snack either before or after the workout is a shake or supplement bar that you sell. We can build a customize database of all the shakes, foods, or supplements that you sell

Do you have a list of Australian food or product lists as opposed to US/CAN lists to make it easier for the consumer to shop as we don’t stock most of what is available in other countries?

Because most of the suggested foods are based on actual recipes with whole foods, you will find that the vast majority of foods are covered on all continents (chicken, lamb, rice, tomatoes, pasta, etc.). For non-whole foods, we will gladly look at adding any common foods their that we don’t currently have in our database as long as we can get the nutritional information for them.

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