MEMBERSHIP TERM: Unless otherwise specified, a membership will be automatically renewed each month, on a month-to-month basis. Members are financially responsible for all associated renewal fees until notice of cancellation is received.

CANCELLATIONS: Cancellations are not retroactive. Therefore, if a member cancels after their membership month has commenced, the member will not be entitled to a refund for that membership month. Cancellations do not become effective until the starting date of the member's next membership month. A membership month begins on the numbered date when a member subscribes or renews their membership (e.g. November 30) and concludes on the day before that numbered date for each successive month after (e.g. December 29, January 29th etc.) unless that numbered date does not exist in a successive month (e.g. February 29th) in which case, the closest preceding numbered date in the successive month will be used (e.g. February 28).

A member may only cancel by the following method:

e-mail: by sending an e-mail to info@reallifehealth.com expressly indicating within the body of the message, the member's unequivocal request to cancel. The message must clearly indicate exactly which products or services the member wishes to have cancelled. The message must include the member's first and last name, user name and e-mail address. Real Life Health Management Inc. will not accept or recognize requests to cancel that do not comply with the requirements herein.

Please note that Real Life Health Management Inc. will not accept or open any e-mail communications that include attachments.