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About Real Life Health Management

Real Life Health Management was founded in 1999 and has been dedicated to changing peoples’ lives ever since. It is a system designed to help the millions of people out there who don’t know where to turn or what to believe when it comes to nutritional and exercise advice.

For years now we have seen the frustration of people who through no fault of their own have been unable to achieve and maintain the fat loss results they wanted. We say “through no fault of their own” because nutrition has become big business, and there are hundreds if not thousands of companies out there willing to sell anyone that "miracle product" that will "almost instantly shed excess weight" when the honest truth is that there is no "miracle product" that works. The Real Life System is designed to help your body function as efficiently as possible. You will be amazed at what you can achieve, and how quickly you can achieve it, when your body works for you rather than against you. You’ll quickly come to realize that you already own the only miracle product you could ever need: your body.

We have an extensive knowledge of the body and how it functions. We will not tell you specifically what foods to eat. In fact we will do just the opposite. We want you to enjoy the foods you love. Too many people focus on what they eat and forget about the other important aspects of proper nutrition.

We are firm believers that unless you drink enough water, eat often enough, and eat the correct amount for your body, it does not matter how healthy the foods you eat are, you won’t achieve the results you are looking for. We value selecting the best foods possible, but we want you to establish the basics of nutrition first and then focus on the specifics if you so choose. The Real Life system will offer sound information about specific food, vitamin, and mineral choices that come from nutritional experts with no particular affiliations or sales goals. You will get only unbiased sources of information that comes from real research without questionable interpretation, so you can make educated choices about your food selections.

The Real Life System will be 100% customized to your body and its requirements. It is not a restrictive diet, and the system will be customized to whatever amount of exercise you choose to do, at the intensity you choose to do it. What makes this system work is the customization and ability to supply your body with exactly what it needs, no more, no less. As mentioned above, you will not be restricted from eating certain foods, but you will become very aware of what you put into your body. You’ll be taught exactly what your body needs on a day to day basis, from calories, to water, to how often you need to eat.

Top 10 Benefits of The Real Life System

  • Value – The most comprehensive nutrition and fitness system at the best price!
  • Convenience - Complete a body composition in the comfort of your home, giving you all sorts of valuable information such as how much body fat and lean muscle mass you have; all you need is a scale
  • Goal Setting - Select and prioritize from over 15 different fitness and weight loss goals
  • Nutritional Program - Have a customized nutritional plan developed factoring in your exercise needs, body’s requirements, and weight/inches loss goals
  • Accuracy - Have recipes suggested for you based on your food preferences and customized to meet your nutritional requirements
  • Ease of Use - Print a customized grocery list so you know you can get all of your foods for your entire weeks nutritional plan
  • Customization - Build your own favorite recipes online and add them to your customized plan
  • Tracking - Track your weight/inches lost online
  • Workouts - Add resistance training workouts customized to your goals, schedule, and experience level including the ability to preview and select which exercises you’d like to do (optional – you don’t have to do any resistance training if you don’t want to)
  • Fitness - Add cardiovascular workouts customized to your goals, experience and schedule (optional – you don’t have to do any cardio training if you don’t want to)

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